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Prostatitis Antibiotics. Below are the List of Antibiotics prescribed for Prostatitis: Avelox Bactrim Doxycycline Cipro Keflex Levaquin 1)Avelox Prostatitis Antibiotic: Avelox is Used to Treat Acute & Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis, This Antibiotic is Generally used as the First Treatment for The Acute & Chronic Prostatittis, In some cases some patients with non .

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Mar 16,  · Urologists diagnosed chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. I tried all allopathy homeopathy and Chinese herbal diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills but no result. I tried chandraprabha vati by seeing your answers here and got benefits only for two weeks but again recurrence occur after two weeks. I have now strong faith and hope on you.