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Many things around us appear to be science but are not. Palm reading, magic tricks, and predicting the future with a magic 8 ball are not science. Anytime someone is making claims without evidence, they are not presenting science. For example, sometimes people get confused about astronomy and astrology. Astronomy is the scientific study of space.

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Moment of force formula is applicable to calculate the moment of force for balanced as well as unbalanced forces. Solved Examples on Moment Formula. Q A meter-rule of length cm, is pivoted at the middle point. If the weight of 10 N is hanged from the 30 cm mark. Another weight of 20 N is hanged from its 60 cm mark. When all the forces acting on an object are balanced, the net force acting is zero. But, if all the forces acting on a body result in an unbalanced force, then the unbalanced force can accelerate the body, which means that a net force acting on a body can either change the magnitude of its velocity or change the direction of its velocity. For the stationary object, the forces can exist. The momentum for the stationary objects is always zero. The direction of the force depends on the acceleration. The direction of the momentum rests on the direction of the velocity. The force is inversely proportional to time, that is; with the increase in time, the force decreases.

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